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Aug 28

Repaid For Back Wages

One of Jacob’s sons, Joseph, was used by God to bring the wealth of Egypt and other nations in that region to Israel. When Joseph received two God-given dreams foretelling his future position of power he was hated and betrayed by his own family.

But by the end of his life Joseph had been used by God to manage the greatest harvest and increase in Egypt’s history. Joseph became the overseer of the harvest and the wealth that streamed into Egypt as other nations came to buy their grain.

All of that wealth was brought to Egypt because of Joseph. It never belonged to Egypt. Four hundred years later, when Israel left Egypt, God told them to go throughout the land and ask for gold, silver, and clothing from each household. They departed with all that rightfully belonged to them—the wealth brought to the nation by Joseph’s faith in God.

In the end, Egypt repaid this generation for all of the back wages the Israelites were due from four hundred years of labor.

Notice God’s goodness and increase manifested toward Israel from Psalm 105:37: “He also brought them out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble among His tribes.” The Living Bible states it this way “...and brought his people safely out from Egypt, loaded with silver and gold; there were no sick or feeble folk among them then.”

God’s people came out of Egypt loaded! And as long as they obeyed and trusted the Lord, the pattern of wealth and increase coming to them was clear and continued flowing in their lives.

There are so many others. David, Israel’s greatest king, led Israel into times of great victory and wealth. Solomon, King of Israel, became the wisest and wealthiest man in all of history. He had great wealth given to him from leaders, kings, and queens of surrounding nations.

God has not changed. He will lead us in ways that will bring wealth and increase to us today. But there is an aspect that must be realized. In each of these examples, it was vital that they position themselves to obtain what God had for them. Abram obeyed, Isaac sowed, Jacob worked, Joseph refused to quit, Jehoshaphat set his heart right and walked with God. The result was that God blessed what each set his hand to achieve.

We have to be honest, the wealth of the world is not in church, it’s in the world. But God wants to give us plans and ideas that will position us for a transfer of the world’s wealth. When we pursue God’s plan to achieve increase He has promised to do in us just what He has done in others.

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how to seize the transfer of wealth

For too long the Body of Christ has struggled with the realization that God wants to bring increase and financial miracles into our lives. God does not want to withhold His abundance from you, but you must walk with Him and honor His Word for the promise of increase to come to you. The transfer of wealth - it can happen in a day!
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